Ethical Luxury Fashion Brands

With even increasing urbanization and environmental degradation caused by unsustainable manufacturing , it is becoming imperative for us to look for better ways to preserve our environment for future generations. There are eco initiatives from every industry sector and the fashion industry is no exception. Many forward looking luxury fashion brands are turning to sustainable methods of manufacturing and materials sourcing.
Eco-luxury fashion is all about keeping the standards high without negatively impacting the environment or the quality of the end product. Recent years have seen great improvements in this area. Consumers are also becoming more conscious of where and how luxury fashion products are made with an increasing trend towards ensuring purchases are made from labels with sustainable supply chains and ethical manufacturing practices.
Genuine promoters of eco luxury fashion have become agents of change rather than passive critics. These are the likes of Livia Firth. As the phrase goes ‘democracy is not a spectator sport’. A number of designers have opted to follow Firth’s lead.
Donna Karan
Donna Karan is one such brand at the forefront of eco fashion. They have an enviable reputation for carefully choosing sustainable eco friendly raw materials and producing socially conscious designs. Karan has a foundation called Urban Zen that equips the public with information on conserving the environment. Having been first introduced to Haiti by her inspiration President Bill Clinton, she immediately galvanized the design community and the fashion world to tell Haiti’s story through a new lens by championing the creativity and imagination of the Haitian people, thereby promoting economic development, vocational education and job creation amongst the Haitian artisan community. The Haiti Artisan Project is dedicated to creating a sustainable model of commerce to assist in financially supporting the artisan community of Haiti in order to preserve the rich culture of the Island.
Stella McCartney
Stella McCartney not only produces quality and stylish outfits for women, but also ensures that the materials are environmentally friendly. Their eyewear material, for example, is made from citric acid and plant extracts like castor oil. They use bioplastic for their shoes. Bioplastic is degradable in compost. Vegetable oil replaces petroleum in this designer company. The fashion industry is playing its part in nurturing a better environment. But they cannot they win the battle alone. It is our role as consumers to make informed purchasing decisions in order to encourage sustainability and protect our environment.